Friday, July 27, 2012

Review and swatches: L'oreal Infallible 6 New Summer Colors

Forgive my slight hiatus recently!! >_<
Work has been absolutely out of control over the past few weeks, and with a convention coming up, I've been scrambling out of my mind to get ready for it.
Then of course my birthday is exactly 1 week away, so I'm totally mindblown.

Fret not though. I've gotten quite a few products to do reviews on and such. So this blog should be getting a few updates.

This product is something that I rave about rather often, and since new shades have some out, I HAD to share it with you all.
L'oreal Infallible eye shadows have 6 brand new shades that came out recently, and they are absolutely GORGEOUS.

If I'm not mistaken, these shades are permanent. If not, I'll be sure to give you guys a heads up.

So let's get into the shades~

*Liquid Diamond

Liquid Diamond is a silvery lilac grey shade. I'm in love with this one since it brings life to my near-black eyes. It's very unique, in the sense that I haven't seen many colors like it (if any).
It initially swatches a little sheer, but it's also buildable, which is perfect since some looks can be made less or more intense whenever you like. Applied wet, it's alot more metaillic. So it's definitely a fun shade to play with.

Liquid Diamond packaging

Liquid Diamond [Natural light]

Liquid Diamond [with flash]

Liquid Diamond swatch [natural light]

Liquid Diamond swatch [with flash]

*Glistening Garnet
 Glistening Garnet is a shimmery berry-pink. I'm not too sure about how I feel about this one yet, simply since... well, pink is a hard color in general to work with. However, that being said, it's still pretty. Paired with a soft brown and some gold, it might make some pretty looks for the summer ^_^

Glistening Garnet packaging

Glistening Garnet [natural lighting]

Glistening Garnet [with flash]
Glistening Garnet [natural light]

Glistening Garnet [with flash]

*Endless Sea
Endless Sea is an aqua turquoise. This color is probably my favorite of this bunch. It's so bright and shimmery. In a sense, it reminds me of the Carribean waters. :D
In comparison to L'oreal Infallible Infinite Sky, Endless Sea is darker. Inifinite Sky is much paler and almost silvery while this Endless Sea is more Blue-Green.  

Endless Sea packaging

Endless Sea [natural light]

Endless Sea [with flash]

Endless Sea swatch [natural light]

Endless Sea [with flash]

*Golden Emerald
 Golden Emerald is a kelly green with tons of golden shimmer/glitter. It's an absolutely GORGEOUS color. In comparison to Golden Sage, Golden Emerald is darker, and the gold glitter is much more apparent. I'm actually kind of excited to use this color when autumn rolls around. ^ ^

Golden Emerald packaging

Golden Emerald [natural lighting]

Golden Emerald [with flash]

Golden Emerald swatch [natural light]

Golden Emerald swatch [with flash]
*Bottomless Java
Bottomless Java is a deep 'coffee' brown with bronze shimmer. I actually think this color would be gorgeous for a twist on the smokey eye. With a bit of champange or gold eye shadow~ HNGGG~! <3
Bottomless Java packaging

Bottomless Java [natural light]

Bottomless Java [with flash]

Bottomless Java swatch [natural light]

Bottomless Java swatch [with flash]
*Smoldering Plum
Smoldering Plum is a blackened plum with intense shimmer. This is another color that I think would be perfect for a smokey eye. The color seems a bit flat in the container, and even in these swatches. However, in the sun, it has impressive shimmer~ :3
Its just kinda one of those things you need to see for yourself in person :D
Smoldering Plum packaging

Smoldering Plum [natural light]

Smoldering Plum [with flash]

Smoldering Plum [natural light]

Smoldering Plum [with flash]


My verdict: As always, I LOVE L'oreal Infallible eye shadows. These are no exception. They are equially as lovely as the original 12. I'm hoping these are permanent shades. If not, as I said, I'll let you guys know. ^_^

I'm hoping to get a few more of my reviews up this week. It's just going to be so hecktic, since I work everyday until the con, which I'll be attending for all 3 days, only to go back to work after x__x
God help me LOL

I know I keep promising my tutorials as well. I SWEAR they're coming. OTL
It'll just take a bit longer than I meant for it to.

'til next time~
Stay beautiful, both inside and out~ <3


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