Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review and Swatches: Tokidoki Arte Eyeshadow Palettes

So, my friends and I were at the mall, shopping for some clothes and stuff for the trip we're taking later on in the month. While we were there, we couldn't help but pass through Sephora since... well... It's like the sanctuary for all makeup junkies!! XD
We were looking around to see if there were any good deals going on. That's when we came across these absolutely ADORABLE Tokidoki Arte Palettes. They were $10 per palette (with a value of $48 each).

They kinda remind me of those Stila palettes; the Tokidoki palettes include 4 eyeshadows and 1 blush.
Supposedly, all 5 were part of their Holiday 2011 collection. 
Each palette is different in their own way as far as color scheme goes. And the packaging... omgggg the packaging~!! Mucho Kawaii going on there. LOL

First, I'll show you all the palettes and swatches, then get into my own personal opinions about them. ^_^

*Til Death Do Us Part palette
  - Eyeshadows: matte cream pink, shimmer light pink, pearl denim blue, matte black with sparkle
  - Blush: golden pink
"Til Death Do Us Part" packaging

"Til Death Do Us Part" palette (natural light)

"Til Death Do Us Part" palette (with flash)

"Til Death Do Us Part" swatches

*Lion Pappa palette
  - Eyeshadows: pearl nude, matte light brown, pearl gold, pearl dark brown
  - Blush: golden peach

"Lion Pappa" packaging

"Lion Pappa" palette (natural light)

"Lion Pappa" palette (with flash)

"Lion Pappa" swatches


*Vegas palette
  - Eyeshadow: pearl white, pearl grey, iridescent purple, pearl dark purple
  - Blush: soft bronze pink
"Vegas" packaging

"Vegas" palette (natural light)

"Vegas" palette (with flash)

"Vegas" swatches


*SANDy in the City palette
  - Eyeshadows: pearl champagne, matte cream, pearl camo green, pearl eggplant
  - Blush: peach pink
"SANDy in the City" packaging

"SANDy in the Beach" palette (natural light)

"SANDy in the City" palette (with flash)

"SANDy in the City" swatches


*24 Karat palette
  - Eyeshadows: shimmer white, pearl royal blue, shimmer silver, matte black with sparkle
  - Blush: dusty rose
"24 Karat" packaging

"24 Karat" palette (natural light)

"24 Karat" palette (with flash)

"24 Karat" swatches


Now, let's get to the reviews.
I'll be perfectly honest. At first, I thought I was going to be very disappointed with these. When I first started swatching the shadows, they almost seemed WAY too sheer. But then I realized that it was probably because I wasn't getting enough product on my finger (one or two swipes on the shadow, one swipe on my arm). However, when I re-did the swatches, they came out a lot better. They turned out to be a lot more decent than I thought.
The blushes are very soft and pigmented, almost to the point that if you're not careful, I can imagine them getting a little out of hand. As long as you get a good feel on how much product you need, you shouldn't have a problem.
Staying power is good. I've been wearing the "Lion Pappa" palette all day at work, on top of Urban Decay primer potion, and it hasn't faded or creased.
Overall, I like these palettes. I'm really happy that they didn't turn out to be the disappointment I thought they'd be. Because of this, I may want to try some of the other Tokidoki cosmetics.

Anyone else have thoughts about these?

Until next time,
Stay beautiful, both inside and out~ <3


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