Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review/Swatches: L'oreal Infallible 24hr SUMMER eyeshadows

Well, as I said I would, I rushed to my nearest CVS and picked up the newest additions to the L'oreal Infallible eye shadows; Their SUMMER colors.

On the display, 4 shadows were on display, but only 3 of them are new; Golden Sage was the repeat/permanent color that was included in the collection. So I only picked up the other 3: Pink Sapphire, Gold Imperial, and Gleaming Bronze.

Once again, I'm absolutely in love with these shades, and they're perfect for the summer. Especially 'Pink Sapphire'~! ^ u ^
I'll get a bit more in depth with them in this post.

All of the colors (like most of the original 12) are metallic. So without a doubt, these were meant to shine bright in the sunlight! The texture is also, of course, the same; pressed pigment with a creamy-like-butter feel.

Also, I picked up one of the summer nail polishes in Silver Sparkle.
I'll go through each of the colors individually.


*Pink Sapphire

Once again, I'm not really a fan of pink... but I do love this color.
Pink Sapphire is a shimmery-metallic golden peachy rose color. It sorta reminds me a bit of pink lemonade~! XD
Again, perfect color for summer.
I noticed that a few people have said it applies sheer, though it's buildable, but i dunno what they're talking about... xD;;  didn't have that problem. When swatching these, I did the same thing i had last time; no primer and one swipe.
But that's just my opinion.
I'm very happy with the color and pigmentation.
As with the other 12 original shades, these retail (on average) for $7.50.
"Pink Sapphire" packaging

"Pink Sapphire" (natural light)

"Pink Sapphire" (with flash)


*Gold Imperial

This color is a cool toned light gold shade. At first, only from the packaging, it reminded me of one of the other Infallible eye shadows in Eternal Sunshine. However, after swatching, I realized Gold Imperial was cooler toned, while Eternal Sunshine was warmer and deeper. So in actuallity, they're pretty different.
In the swatches, they almost look identical, but I promise you that's not the case. 
This is another one perfect for summer, and I'm seriously looking forward to trying this with Pink Sapphire. ^ u ^
Maybe for my vacation to the beach > u > hehe~

"Gold Imperial" packaging

"Gold Imperial" (natural light)

"Gold Imperial" (with flash)

Left: Gold Imperial/Right: Eternal Sunshine
(natural light)

Left: Gold Imperial/Right: Eternal Sunshine
(with flash)


*Gleaming Bronze

This color is rather interesting. Instead of the typical coppery bronze I'm used to seeing, this one has an olive-y undertone. So a deep antique olive bronze. It's an unusual shade, which is probably a major reason as to why I love it so much.
I can imagine it being perfect for a summer-based smokey eye~ :D

"Gleaming Bronze" packaging

"Gleaming Bronze" (natural light)

"Gleaming Bronze" (with flash)


SWATCHES - L'oreal Infallible Summer 2012 Eye Shadows

Pink Sapphire, Gold Imperial, and Gleaming Bronze (natural light)

Pink Sapphire, Gold Imperial, and Gleaming Bronze (with flash)


Finally, the last product I picked up was one of the summer nail polishes in "Silver Sparkle."
The one criticism I have is that it isn't very opaque; it takes a few coats to completely color your nail. However, I can see it working great on top of a silver base. :)
As for the pros, it's not as cheap feeling as most other glitter polishes I've tried. It dries relatively smooth, and with a clear top coat, it's beautiful. Most glitter polishes chip within a mere few hours of me wearing them, but seeing as I've been wearing this shade for about 36 hours now without any, that alone makes me happy. xD
The glitter specks in this polish has a slight holographic effect to them, so it nicely compliments the pearly silver base.
These polishes retail for about $6.39, though I got it half off at CVS due to their buy one get one half off deal. ^ w ^

"Silver Sparkle" packaging

"Silver Sparkle" swatch - 3 coats
(told you it takes a few coats LOL)


That's really about it for my review on the new L'oreal products. Overall, I LOVE the new Summer colors. There's also a few new Le Glosses and lipsticks that I may want to try out eventually, but we'll see ^ u ^
How about you guys? What are your thoughts on the new shades? :D

Until next time,
Stay beautiful, both inside and out~ <3


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