Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Bella ll Fiore

So, the past week and a half or so have been busy as heck!! ><
However, part of the busy-ish-ness has been due to the mass amount of hauls, swatching, and tutorial making (I swear they're coming soon!! XD)
In a sense, I guess it works in favor of this blog. Haha! Let's get started!!

This post will be a review for my HauteLook purchase from Bella ll Fiore.

The first item was almost like a bundle in a sense; a lip treatment duo in the flavor Strawberries and Cream. The set includes a sugar lip scrub and moisturizing lip balm.
First, let's get into the scrub. I have mixed feelings about it, both good and mehhh~. The pros about it is that the oils and stuff make your lips feel extremely soft. The only issue is theres a lot more in the jar than there is sugar for exfoliation. Of course, it doesn't reallybother me since it can easily be fixeed; add some of your own sugar to balance it out. Haha!
Next is the balm. I absolutely LOVE it. When worn, it feels super soft and moisturizing, no stickiness. Not to mention it's incredibly glossy. The fact that the container is 1 fl. oz. is also a plus so it'll last for quite a while.
Over all, the duo is pretty decent. I wouldn't mind purchasing it again. I'm not too sure about the actual cost, but on HauteLook, I paid $14 for it.

Bella ll Fiore Lip Treatment Duo

The next item it the Perfect Pout lip gloss duo in "Paris."
Oh... em... gee!! I love this gloss~! Of all the color choices, Paris was the most neutral toned in my opinion. My skin is very pale (MAC NC15/Bare Minerals 'Fairly Light N10'), so it's VERY flattering. It's nude, but not OVERLY nude. As a matter of fact, it leans more towards the sheer side. But the hint of color is the perfect amount. The larger end is the most pigmented of the two, and has a pinkish undertone. The other end is a super sheer pink with glitter. Not to mention, its not sticky in the least. You can't even feel the glitter, so that's a major plus.
I'm SO glad that I purchased two when I did. LOL

Bella ll Fiore Perfect Pout lip gloss in "Paris"

Swatch of "Paris"

Well, that's all for the Bella ll Fiore review. To be honest, I wouldn't mind trying some of their other products. Has anyone else snagged some of their cosmetics? If so, what would you suggest I try next? :D

Until next time~

Stay beautiful, both inside and out~ <3


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