Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ulta Haul: Too Faced and Stila

So, I just went to Ulta yesterday, since I'd received a 20% off coupon (HECK YEAH!!) in the mail. It's one of those that actually works for items that are usually excluded, like BareMinerals for example.
Now, while I'm not in need of my usual foundation or anything, and the coupon is only good for one week, I decided to spluge a bit on some items I've had my eyes on for a while as well as the new Too Faced Summer eye palette.
(As I'm sure that you'll all soon figure out, I'm -obsessed- with Too Faced cosmetics)

So, let's get started, ne?

First, I'll start off with the Stila Custom Color Blush in "Self-Adjusting Pink." This particular blush supposedly turns into the perfect shade of pink based on your skin's pH, allowing it to compliment your skintone. They also sell this blush in a 'Self-Adjusting Coral' shade, but my local Ulta only had the pink (which I'm totally cool with). I gave this blush a test today at work and I was rather impressed. Although it looks absolutely neon pink in the compact, it applies nicely on the skin. I'm sure how MUCH you put on makes all the difference. I'll be sure to give a full review on this (as well as all of the other products I purchased), as well as swatches, once I've used it a little bit more.
Stila Custom Color Blush retails for $20.

Stila  Custom Color Pink (Compact)

Stila Custom Color blush Pink (in natural light)

Stila Custom Color Blush Pink (with flash)

Next up is the LASplash glitter pigment in "Renaissance." It's a bit of an old-gold sort of color, so it's not as yellow in tone like most golds are. I remember seeing xSparkage use it in her Hunger Games District 1 tutorial and thought it'd be something I might like to try out. (Btw, if you haven't checked her out, she's awesome :D Her tutorials are very good!)
This pigment of course would have to be applied with a very sticky base, so I figured I could use the Too Faced Glitter Glue Primer I also purchased in this haul.
LASpalsh glitter pigment retails for $6.99. 

LASplash Glitter Shadow Pigment in 'Renaissance" (packaging)

LASplash Glitter Pigment in "Renaissance" (natural light)

LASplash Glitter Pigment in "Renaissance" (with flash)

I noticed the majority of this haul is glitter. LOL
The next item on my list is the Too Faced Glamour Dust Glitter Pigment. Now, I remember using a bit of one of these during the holiday season in "Blue Angel." Actually, it was during a convetion called "Holiday Matsuri," an anime convention with a holiday theme (yes, I'm into that sort of thing. Pretty girls can like that stff too ;D ). I had used the glitter on one of my friends who was doing a "Madam Red Mrs. Clause" cosplay and it looked absolutely stunning! So after that, I wanted to buy the full package itself. I bought 3 of the 4 colors available. The fourth, Glampire (a Peacock Brown glitter), was a bit too dark for my tastes, but who knows. I might get it eventually. The 3 I actually purchased was Blue Angel (a French Blue glitter [though it looks more silver than blue in my opinion]), Pink Fire (a Pale Pink glitter), and Nude Beam (a Shimmering Nude glitter). While I know I won't use these on a daily basis, I have no regrets over this purchase. xD I'll come up with uses for them.
The Glamour Dust Glitter Pigments retail for $17 a piece.

Packaging for the Too Faced Glamour Dust
(One thing I absolutely LOVE about Too Faced is their attractive packaging!!)

The colors are labeled on the top of the box.

Glamour Dust in Pink Fire (natural light)

Glamour Dust in Blue Angel (natual light)

Glamour Dust in Nude Beam (natual light)

Now, what glitter pigment could possible hold on without a good adhesive base?? This is why I couldn't help but also purchase the Too Faced Glitter Glue. I, again, had sampled this during Holiday Matsuri for my friend's cosplay, and let me say it held that glitter in place ALL DAY and well into the night. As a matter of fact, she text me the next morning saying how hard i was to get all the glitter off. Hahaha! In my opinion, I'd say that makes this product very impressive~!
Too Faced Glitter Glue retails for $18.


Too Faced Glitter Glue tube

Last but not least, I bought the newest edition to Too Faced's eye shadow palette collection, the Summer Eye collection. This palette has gorgous tropical colors that I believe are PERFECT for the summer season. As usual, this palette contains 9 eye shadows and 3 cards with Day, Classic, and Fashion eye suggestions. I have yet to fully try this, but once I have, I promise to give a full review. :D One of the things I love is that they included one of my favorite eye shadows, "Peach Fuzz." It's a soft peachy shade with tons of fine glitter. (HAHA! There's that glitter again!) Another thing I love (of course) is the packaging. Too Faced has always had amazingly gorgous presentation on their packaging. Maybe because I OBSESS over vintage/victorian style. Even though -this- palette has a much more modern summery feel to it that their other palettes, I still love it.
Too Faced Summer Eye Collection retails for $36.

Packaging (makes me feel excited for summer :3)

Too Faced Summer Eye Collection Palette (natural light)

Too Faced Summer Eye Collection Palette (with flash)

Suggestion cards included

Well, that concludes my haul from Ulta. I can't wait to put these items to good use! >u<
As I stated a few times, I'll give a full review of these products once I have a better feel of them.
Til then, I hope you all enjoyed this haul! ^ u ^

Stay beautiful, both inside and out <3


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