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Haul, Swatches, and Reviews ~ M.A.C., Urban Decay, and Bare Escentuals

It's been a bit longer than I had hoped to get another blog post going.
I suppose doing this will give me a bit longer to fully test the newer products I have to give you all more in-depth reviews~
So let's jump right into it, shall we?

(A HEADS UP: My camera was being a bit derpy, so some of the photos aren't very clear, no matter how much I changed the angle and whatnot. Also, it was a rather rainy day today, so the natural lighting is not very good. Whoever said FL was the sunshine state was totally full of crap xDD It's cloudy more than 60% of the time.)


My HauteLook order has yet to arrive, but I wound up picking up even more Urban Decay items in the meantime, as well as a few other things. I'll also be including reviews!! :D

First off, the first product on my list certainly isn't NEW to the UD family, but I've never owned any of the full sized products. Only the sample cards they've given out. It's the Urban Decay Primer Potions. I ordered the duo pack, which comes with both the Original Formula, and the Sin Formula. These retailed for $28, and that's not a bad deal when you consider these are both full sized, with each individually being $18.
Urban Decay Primer Potion Duo pack: Original and Sin

UDPP Swatches [Natural Lighting]

UDPP Swatches [with flash]

I typically used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance on a daily basis and absolutely LOVE it, but I figured it'd be interesting to try others and compare them. Both the Original Shadow Insurance and Primer Potion are the same as far as becoming transparent after applying. The consistancy is slightly different; i almost feel as if the Primer Potion may be a bit drier once it's set, which I suppose takes a bit of getting used to. But it's not bad. I suppose I'm just so used to the feel of the Shadow Insurance.
The Sin formula has a champagne tint to it, and I feel it can be used as both a primer to make shadows a bit more shimmery, OR it can be worn alone, since it's pretty pimented. It's also a much thicker consistancy.
Both primers, of course, do as they say: make shadows more vibrant and longer lasting. It'll be interesting to see how I'll utilize these. :3


Next up, Urban Decay's RollerGirl Palette. What caught my attention about this palette was not only the nice, everyday neutral colors, but also the vibrant pink thrown in. Now, people who know me pretty well know Pink is probably my LEAST favorite color (*gasp* I know, right?). However, when it comes to makeup, whether I like it or not, pops of pink actually work well for certain looks. And considering -this- particular pink ("Woodstock") was so vibrant, I figured it'd be fun to test out. This palette includes 4 eyeshadows in Woodstock (a vibrant fushia), Verve (a shimmery slight-peachy silver, included also in the Naked2 palette), Suspect (a very shimmery Taupe, also in the Naked2 palette), and DarkHorse (a satin milk chocolate brown, included also in the original Naked palette). As a bonus, the palette also includes a 24/7 eyeliner in 'Whisky' (matte deep brown) and a travel sized Lip Junkie lip gloss in 'Crush' (bright Neon Pink).
Now for the real kicker... IT WAS ONLY $13!!!!! :D
It was in the sale section of the Urban Decay website, so how could I possibly pass that up??

Urban Decay RollerGirl Palette (Packaging)

UD RollerGirl Palette (interior: 4 shadows and 24/7 Liner) [Natural Lighting]

UD RollerGirl Palette [with flash]

Swatches [natural lighting]
(Way to go, FL storms >8/ )

UD RollerGirl Swatches [with flash] 

24/7 liner in 'Whisky' and Lip Junkie in 'Crush' [natural lightng]

24/7 liner and Lip Junkie [with flash]

Wearing Lip Junkie in 'Crush' [with flash]

REVIEW: First let me start with the eyeshadows. Each of them go on very smoothly, though i did notice that 'Woodstock' was a tad bit crumbly when swatching. Not that it's really a big deal, as long as you're careful and work with it properly. DarkHorse is another one to be a tad bit careful with, simply because while the shadow is a lovely color and goes on relatively smoothly, it's also a bit uneven in coverage if you don't work with it properly. Again, not a big deal if you know what you're doing. Overall, I love them.
Next is the eyeliner. It's soooooo amazingly creamy!! I've been looking for a relatively decent brown liner to use when I'm not wanting to go overly dramatic with black. This one will absolutely be my go-to brown eyeliner (at least in stick form. E.L.F. cream liner in "Coffee" is another one I love, but a lot less convenient).
Finally the gloss. Again, while I'm not a huge fan of the color pink, this is a very wearable color. To be honest, what I saw in the tube was a tad bit intimidating since it seemed so Neon. However, it's obviously not the exact same hue when worn. The texture isn't sticky either, which is also a plus.
I have to say, I'm satisfied.


Third on the list, the Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash. These are almost like jumbo sized 24/7 eyeliners, though of course, they are meant to be used as creamy shadows. Now, the issue I typically have with creamy shadows is the fact that they smudge or crease like CRAZY, especially if they aren't set with a powder shadow on top. HOWEVER, with these, I noticed something rather interesting. When I was swatching them for this post, I grabbed a tissue to wipe it off after taking the photos and they didn't budge!!!! Not even a slight smear! And I didn't even set it with anything. They had dried in such a short couple of minutes that they couldn't be removed without a proper makeup remover. THAT was very impressive. 
The colors are very nice, and of course I can either use them as a base, or just by themselves which I LOVE. Especially if I'm having a day where I'm rushing. It seems perfect.
This 'stash' includes 5 colors: Delinquent (deep amethyst), Rehab (shimmering brown), Juju (shimmering Taupe), Sin (champagne), and Clash (electric blue).
All of these would certainly be able to make a statement, depending on how they're used. I'm looking forward to using Clash in particular. :D
UD 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash retails for $9 on the Urban Decay website (another steal!).

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash (Packaging)

UD 24/7 SPS swatches [with flash]

UD 24/7 SPS swatches [natural lighting]

I believe I'm going to love these in the long run.


This product is something that has caught my attention on many occasions, but I never got around to getting them until now; the Urban Decay Stardust lip glosses.
If I'm not mistaken, there's 3 colors, but I only purchased 2: Andromeda (sheer peach with pink and gold glitter) and Space Cowboy (sheer, light champagne with gold and silver glitter).
As for WHY they caught my attention, I'll give you 3 guesses, but I'm sure you'll only need 1. LOL
That's right... THE GLITTERRRRRRR~!!!
They always stood out in whatever lighting they were displayed in. Hahaha!
The consistancy of these are on the sticky side, which while I admit isn't my FAVORITE texture, but I don't mind it much either. If anything, sticky means it'll last longer. It also has an almost minty scent which I find nice. And of course, the amount of fine glitter in it make these glosses BEYOND shimmery. What's better is that it's not at all gritty, and I know glitter glosses have a tendency tohave that texture. Not these. <3
Urban Decay Stardust lip glosses retail for $19 each.

Urban Decay Stardust lip gloss in 'Andromeda' and 'Space Cowboy' [natural light]

UD STRDST [with flash]

'Andromeda' and 'Space Cowboy' [with flash] 

'Andromeda' and 'Space Cowboy' [natural lighting]

Wearing 'Andromeda' [natural lighting]

Wearing 'Andromeda' [with flash]

Wearing 'Space Cowboy' [natural light]
(As you can see, even in the stormy darkness, it still shines :D)

Overall, I like these very much. I'm sure they'll add  nice touc over another lipstick, or even on its own.


Ok. This liner was a must-have for me. Not only for the glittery factor, but because I'm a total nerdy fangirl. HAHAHA!
The reason I say that is because... well, all of the Hunger Games fans out there will understand. You all know of Cinna, right? I mean, who could possibly forget??
In the story, Katniss' stylist, Cinna, was described as not being ridiculously made up like everyone else from the Captiol. The only bit of makeup he wore was golden eyeliner.
If Cinna actually existed (or hell, even taking Lenny Kravitz into consideration since he played him in the film adaptation wearing the bold gold liner), I'm sure he'd use this very one.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner in 'Eldorado'

I've tried a couple of gold glitter liners, but all of them were horrible. They either flaked off, or left fallout EVERYWHERE. But this... THIS... I'm absolutely IN LOVE!!!! It shimmers beyond the other crappy ones I've tried, and it doesn't flake or leave fallout. The glitter is so fine that you can't even feel it. 
I have one other gold liner from NYX that I love (since it's a pencil, so no flaking or fallout either), which I think would look amazing as a base for this.

If I wanna get my inner Cinna on, those will be my go-to duo!!

I'm in love with the formula for this, and look forwar to maybe trying a few other colors.
UD 24/7 Liquid Liner retails for $19. 
Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner in 'Eldorado' [Packaging]

UD LL swatch [natural lighting]

UD LL swatch [with flash]
(Helloooooooooooo Cinna!! XD)


Now, Bare Escentuals is something I use on a daily basis as far as foundation and stuff goes, but I honestly haven't tried many of their other products. I've only bought maybe 5 eyeshadows, my favorite being '2000', and that's it. But everytime I'm out buying my foundation, my eyes always trailed to this color eyeshadow: Azure.
To be honest, I'm gonna say I've eyed this color since I was in 10th grade... so I was what? 15? And I'm 22 right now. LOL So yes, many years. I finally decided to snag one for myself. And no regrets. It's a gorgous Azure Blue with green iridescent.
You know that feeling as a kid when you're in a candy store and there's that one bit of candy that's always out of reach, and then you finally get it and feel all giddy on the inside? That's me right now LOL!!

The texture of this shadow is like any other loose mineral eyehadow. The less you use, the more sheer it'll be, and vice versa; the more you use, the more opaque it'll be. I have yet to try this on my eyes for a full day of wear, but I think it'll be a good one to use on top of the UD Shadow pencil in 'Clash' I mentioned earlier. :3

BareMinerals eyeshadow retails for $13.

BareMinerals eyeshadow in 'Azure' (packaging)

'Azure' [natural light]

'Azure' [with flash]


Another product from Bare Escentuals...
This is the Prime Time face primer. Some primers tat I've used tend to ball up when I use my foundation, but this one hasn't given me such an issue. In fact, I love this stuff. It makes my skin so smooth, so my mineral foundation goes on without a problem. Not to mention it doesn't make me break out, which is an UBER plus. My skin is able to breathe and doesn't at all feel heavy. ^ u ^
A pea-size (or one pump) is all that's needed for your entire face. A little goes a long way, which makes this product last much longer. It's also totally clear/colorless.
Another face primer I wanna try in the Too Face Primed and Poreless Pure primer, but at $30, it'll have to wait a little while longer. Especially since the B.E. ones are a bit cheaper for the same amount of product.
Prime Time face primer retails for $22.

B.E. Prime Time face primer [packaging]


The FINAL product I got was Fix+ finishing spray from M.A.C.
By finishing spray, this doesn't mean it'd take the place of a loose powder to set your foundation. Instead, it makes your foundation look dewy, like your actual skin. And using BareMinerals, this stuff is amazing. It truly does make the foundation look... well, less powdery.
A spritz or two is really all I need, so again, this stuff lasts for quite a while.
I personally like it.
M.A.C. Fix+ retails for $19.

M.A.C. Fix+ [packaging]


*Hands fall off*

Holy cow~
It seems like my entries just seem to get longer and longer. xDD
No complaints to be honest.

I hope some of the reviews I gave in this post helped anyone who may have been wondering about these products, or evenhave been intrigued by them. There'll be another haul post soon for the items I ordered from HauteLook, as well as some of the other products I meantioned previously, like the Too Faced Summer Eye palette and such.
Also, I'm working on getting some tutorials done :D
Another little something to add here. Not to mention to get my youtube going ^_^

But, until then~

Stay beautiful, both inside and out~ <3

x~Phantom Rose~x

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